What are the Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures® online resources?
Getting Started
Following Along
If You Don't See Anything


Welcome to the Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures® online resources. This resource features Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9. As you listen to and view this animated version of the symphony, you will learn about the music, about the instruments of the orchestra, and about the composer. There are also fun, interactive music activities available throughout the symphony. We hope that this helps you enjoy the music and learn more about it.

What are the Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures® online resources

There are many ways to enjoy a piece of music. You can go to a concert, watch a performance on television or video, listen to music on the radio or a favorite recording, or play music with friends.

The Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures® online resources present a new way to enjoy music. Each of these resources provides a unique visual interpretation of a piece of music using animated images, activities, and stories. This interpretation is not meant to be definitive, but rather one of many possibilities. Music means something special and different for every listener. As you listen to music, we hope you will begin to create your own "listening adventures."

Getting Started

Make sure your computer has speakers and adjust the volume to the desired level. Click 1, 2, 3 or 4 to begin your adventure -- the symphony you are about to hear is divided into four parts, or movements. If this is your first visit we recommend you begin with 1, the first movement. If you don't see anything right away, wait a minute; loading time will depend on your Internet connection.

Following Along

Each movement of the symphony begins with a brief Prologue. The music and animation will appear after the Prologue. Once the music starts, you will see the animation in the center of your screen. Additional features and controls are also available during your listening adventure.


1. The Animation

The Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures® online resources allow you to explore a piece of music through animated images, text, and interactive activities. The entire animation is presented in the middle of your screen.

2. The Text

Throughout your adventure, facts and information about the music will appear to the left of the animation. You will also see the names of the instruments in this area as you roll your mouse over the instrument pictures.

3. The Instruments

Pictures of instruments fade in and out throughout the symphony. Listen for these instruments during your adventure. To learn the name of an instrument, simply roll over the image with your mouse.

Click on the images to meet other members of that family of instruments. Clicking on an intrument automatically pauses the music and animation until you are ready to resume. When you're done with the instrument family page, close the window and press "Play" to restart the music and animation.

4. The Navigation Timeline

The timeline allows you to fast-forward and rewind to your favorite section of any movement. As you listen, the orange arrow below the timeline will move to indicate where you are in the piece of music. Click and drag the "Browse Movement" bar right and left to scroll forward and backward along the timeline.

5. The Activities

A number of activities are available to help you learn about music and have fun. You can explore these at any time. You can press "Pause" to stop the music and animation while you play the activity. Each activity will appear in a new window. When you're done with the activity, close the window aned press "Play" to resume the music and animation.

If You Don't See Anything

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